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Enhance the security posture of your digital assets with DevelopUs.tech’s Penetration Testing Package. Our comprehensive and meticulous approach to penetration testing ensures the identification and mitigation of potential vulnerabilities, safeguarding your systems from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

    Our Penetration Testing Package starts at Rs. 20,000 (Base Price), with pricing variations based on the complexity and scope of your digital environment.

    Why Choose DevelopUs.tech?
    • Experienced and certified penetration testers.
    • Cutting-edge tools and methodologies for thorough assessments.
    • Customized testing strategies to meet your organization’s specific security needs.

    Package Features

    External Network Testing

    A thorough examination of external-facing systems to identify potential vulnerabilities.

    Evaluation of security measures from an external perspective.

    Internal Network Testing

    In-depth assessment of internal network security.

    Identification of vulnerabilities that may be exploited from within.

    Web Application Testing

    Evaluation of web applications to identify and address security weaknesses.

    Detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

    Wireless Network Testing

    Assessment of wireless network security to prevent unauthorized access.

    Identification and resolution of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks.

    Social Engineering Testing

    Simulation of social engineering attacks to assess the human element of security.

    Recommendations for employee awareness and training.

    Phishing Simulation

    Testing the susceptibility of your organization to phishing attacks.

    Education and training to enhance resilience against phishing threats.

    Detailed Reporting

    Comprehensive reports detailing identified vulnerabilities and their potential impact.

    Recommendations for remediation and enhanced security measures.

    Consultation and Guidance

    Consultation sessions to discuss findings and address any questions or concerns.

    Ongoing guidance for implementing security best practices.

    Secure your digital infrastructure proactively with DevelopUs.tech’s Penetration Testing Package. Contact us today to discuss your security requirements and fortify your defenses against cyber threats.